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Gaza is under siege. Ukraine is starting to use U.S. weapons inside of Russia. India is assassinating its leader’s political enemies around the world. The U.S. election somehow has left the American people to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Again.

Free speech is under unprecedented assault from corporate and government forces. Far right movements are surging in Europe and beyond. A militant new labor movement is on the march here in the United States, but a corporate backlash is brewing.

At a time when the world desperately needs hard-hitting journalism, establishment and corporate media outlets are failing the public and democracy itself. That’s why Jeremy Scahill and Ryan Grim started Drop Site, a non-aligned, investigative news organization dedicated to exposing the crimes of the powerful — particularly in overt and secret conflicts where the U.S. government is playing a key role.

Drop Site is not simply another non-partisan news organization. It is completely independent journalism dedicated to principles of accuracy and accountability. We are never afraid to take a stand for truth, regardless of the partisan consequences or the risk of political or personal unpopularity.

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Investigative journalism is expensive. Even if we were willing to take corporate ads – which we’re not – digital ad revenue alone can’t sustain the slow boring of investigative work. It can only be supported by people who insist that it exist. 

Our work will always remain free to the public, but we have certain features you can only access as a subscriber, like AMAs and invitations to virtual and in-person discussions with our journalists and newsmakers. 

We also limit the ability to comment to paid subscribers and donors of any amount, primarily as a way to keep trolls out of the commenting community. If you can’t afford to donate but really want to be able to comment, and promise not to be a troll, email for a special dispensation. (Please don’t make us regret it. We don’t want to have to spend our time moderating flame wars, but we do want to create a space where people can debate the issues raised by our reporting.)

Even if you don’t end up donating or becoming a paying subscriber, your act of joining this list goes a long way to support independent journalism, giving us the reach we need for our work to have impact.

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If you have damning information you can leak and want to do so safely, we use Protonmail for encrypted email and Signal for encrypted messaging. The tip line, which uses Protonmail, is, or you can email or directly. You can also find us on signal at cherrygarcia.01 or on WhatsApp at 202-368-0859.

To securely use Protonmail, you need to make your own Protonmail account. Don’t do that on a work computer. And don’t google “how do I leak my damning information?” All of that can be traced. Be especially careful not to use a work device and keep things out of the cloud.

If you have already googled something suspicious like “how do I leak,” and that search can be traced back to you, you should reconsider whether you can safely leak, and understand the risk you’re taking. We will do everything in our power to keep your identity secret, but today’s surveillance techniques mean that your own communications and searches must be secure as well.

Our Journalists

Jeremy Scahill has reported from war and conflict zones around the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and the former Yugoslavia. He is the author of the international best-selling books Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army and Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield. Scahill has won some of the top prizes in journalism, including two George Polk Awards and an Oscar nomination.

Ryan Grim is a longtime D.C. reporter, breaking news from the halls of Congress and leading the Washington bureaus for The Intercept and HuffPost. At HuffPost, he led a team that was twice a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and won once. Grim has spent years chronicling the rise of progressives in Congress, and his most recent book is The Squad: AOC and the Hope of a Political Revolution, which followed his best-selling We’ve Got People. He’s also the author of the 2009 book This Is Your Country On Drugs.

Nausicaa Renner is the founding editor of Drop Site. She was formerly deputy editor at The Intercept, and writes about politics and psychoanalysis for n+1 and other publications.

You won’t see our fearless approach anywhere else.

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Independent news on politics and war


Independent news on politics and war.
Journalist at Drop Site News, co-founder of The Intercept, author of the books Blackwater and Dirty Wars. Reported from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc.
Reporter for The Intercept, Co-Host of Counter Points, Host of Deconstructed podcast, author of We’ve Got People and This Is Your Country On Drugs.
Founding editor @dropsitenews